Tiring politics.

It seems to me more and more people are getting fed up with politics.  Olympia quitting is the latest.  Too bad.  We need her and others like her. By leaving the public world she leaves the door open to more Corporations plotting to take over the government by the power of money.   It wont be long before We The People are we the economic slaves.

Republicans all think they”ll be on the inside of such a government so they continue to support this insanity of Corporations being people. 

Unfortunately people aren’t taking Thomas Jefferson’s words seriously.  He called for periodic revolutions.  Only the famed 1% of the population are heeding this admonition. 

How can anyone ignore Republican clarion call to defeat Obama at any cost.  That includes destroying the U.S. Constitutional protections against a Corrupt Government.  I pray to all gods for sanity to return to America soon

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