Obama and voters

Saw a bit of Obama on Jimmy Fallon.  Guess that’s who he hopes will elect him again.  But he confounds me.  He still talks like a teacher.  If the GOP had nominated a reasonable and sensible person I’d consider voting Republican.  While Obama seems to be trying to play a middle of the road person, he does a lot that Republicans’ want done.  Is that because he wants their vote; because he believes what they believe on the economy; because he’s a Republican at heart: he just wants to be PresidentI’d like his wife to be President.  I’d like Hillary to be President.  I ‘d like to be President and get rid of his advisers.  Would   FDR act the way he acts.  Would Lincoln?.;  Would LBJ?. ;

Mr. O be a President;strong decisive

We want a leader, not a compromise r .  Not a  consensus maker.

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