Boehner empty words

Boehner keeps saying the same empty words. He’ll save Medicare (for current Seniors)  They’ll produce jobs(but in what country he doesn’t say) 

Don’t understand why the 8 yrs of Bush tax cuts hadn’t produced jobs in the United States.

What are they( 1%ers Mainly Doctors and Corps, ) sitting on all  that money for.  Could it be to prevent jobs until after the election…hoping Mitt and his clone Paul…make it..

And who is paying Reporters to say Everybody Loves Paul.  He;s so sweet butter wont melt in his mouth. Nearly will Lard.

My guess is that Chief Justice Roberts will change sides next year when President Obama repeats his overwhelming victory.

You folks who are still planning to vote for Mitt and Paul are still hoping they’ll tell you how to keep your money in overseas banks and companies.  They wont tell you!!!!!  Only their close friends get that hint.

Just remember those selfish guys aren’t for America…just for themselves.

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