Muslims silence on attacks

Why is the Muslim global community focusing on war in the guise of defense.  Why are there no loud cries against their threats to the Western World?  Is there not one person, let alone group, amongst the Muslims who deplore these threats.  There must be, but they are afraid of the militant and therefore have no power. 

Without power, the moderate Muslims are doomed to be slaves of militant Imams. 

Mohamed himself only required payment from non believers.  He didn’t call for killing.  Who then wrote this in the Koran.  Is the rift between Sunni and Shiite based on that simply that.  Do Imams debate the differences.  Do Imams try to find compromises to unify their church?  No?   Why not?  Because war is easier to control the populace and unite the dissidents in separate causes. 

All other religions have given up military action. But the uneducated Muslims can only be controlled in a wartime manner.

I dare any Muslim to refute this in writing on Word Press.


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